While perceptions of attractiveness vary between cultures and people, the importance of breast size and proportion in defining body image, self-worth, and even general wellness cannot be underestimated. The size and proportions of your breasts can affect various aspects of your life, including how you perform daily activities and your self-esteem.

Let’s take a look at why the size and proportion of your breasts can be so important and the different ways they can affect your everyday life.

Physical Wellness

Breast size can have a great effect on one’s physical well-being. Due to the excess weight on the upper body, women with extremely large breasts may endure persistent back, neck, and shoulder pain, especially when exercising. Over time, this can lead to bad posture and possibly spinal problems. Finding the appropriate balance for a person’s body can be critical for overall physical wellness. Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Bohley can be a great first step. He can help you determine the right breast size and proportions for your body and the proper treatment to give you those desired results. You don’t have to struggle with pain due to the size of your breasts any longer!


Breast size can also have a significant effect on your perception of yourself and your body. Women with smaller breasts may dislike their bodies and have low self-esteem while women who have bigger breasts may face societal pressures and challenges such as objectification and unwanted attention. While the way we look shouldn’t affect our self-esteem, that’s often easier said than done. By ensuring you have the right breast size and proportions for you, you can feel better about yourself and your body. As long as you are having breast surgery done for you and no one else, it can be a great option to help improve your confidence.

Body Image

Your breast size and proportions can also affect how you see your body. Whether due to your breasts being too small for you or one breast being smaller than the other, breast augmentation surgery can be a great way to improve how you view your body and ensure you’re happy with what you see in the mirror each day. No matter how you were born or the breasts you have now, with breast implants, you can finally achieve the curves and volume you’ve always wanted.


Breast size and proportions can also have an impact on clothing selection as well. If you’ve ever tried on a shirt or bathing suit and either have not been able to fill it out or had it not lay right, you likely know this problem well. Women with small breasts may be able to find a wide range of clothes that fit them, but the fit is only one part of the equation. How the clothes look is the other part. When shirts fall flat in the chest area, you may feel self-conscious about the lack of curve or volume, and that can have a significant impact on confidence. With breast augmentation, you can finally have the confidence to wear exactly what you want.

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