Medical Reasons for Blepharoplasty

Although in some cases patients seek blepharoplasty simply to enhance their appearance and reduce the signs of aging, there are a few medical reasons to have eyelid surgery.


Ptosis is simply the medical term for a drooping upper eyelid. Although the predominant cause of ptosis is skin laxity that comes with age, it can also happen as a result of eye surgery or injury. In many instances, ptosis is mild and simply affects a person’s appearance, in some cases, it can lead to vision impairment, as the upper eyelid skin actually falls in front of the pupil.

Eyelid surgery solves ptosis by tightening the muscles responsible for lifting the eyelid and perhaps removing any excess skin.

Sagging Lower Eyelid

Another condition that could lead to eyelid surgery is a lower eyelid that turns outward, revealing eyelid skin and the white of the eye beneath the iris. This frequently causes irritation or excess tearing due to the eye’s inability to close all the way. During blepharoplasty surgery, this condition, medically known as ectropion, is solved by using an incision on the lower lash line to remove excess fat, strengthen muscles, and allow the lids to close normally.

Eyelid Surgery FAQs

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that can help eliminate the bags and puffiness from under your lower eyelids or hooded skin from the upper eyelids. This procedure goes a long way in making you appear healthier and younger around the eyes. The best part is that any scars from the surgery are indiscernible since they remain hidden in the natural creases of the eyelid.

Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you are generally healthy and a non-smoker, you are likely a good candidate for blepharoplasty. People who are good candidates also have specific and realistic goals for the procedure and don’t have any serious eye conditions. Keep in mind that the appearance of drooping upper and lower eyelids could be due to stretching of a muscle or relaxation of the eyebrow and forehead skin, which a brow lift could help correct better than blepharoplasty. The best way to know if you’re a good candidate for a blepharoplasty procedure is to consult with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Bohley in Portland, Oregon who can help determine the best procedure for enhancing the appearance of droopy eyelids.

Can Botox lift droopy eyelids?

Botox injections can subtly reveal more of your eyes and slightly lift the eyelids, but it is not a permanent solution and has limited effectiveness in patients.

Can droopy eyelids cause blurred vision?

Yes, usually when the upper eyelid is drooping so much that it goes in front of the pupil, causing blurred or otherwise impaired vision.

Can I sleep on my side after eyelid surgery?

Dr. Bohley instructs eyelid surgery patients to avoid sleeping on their side as well as sleeping elevated to reduce swelling after eyelid surgery.

Can you get rid of hooded eyelids?

To get rid of hooded eyelids, you will likely most benefit from a surgical procedure that can remove excess skin and fat deposits that are causing the hooded appearance.

Does eyelid surgery leave scars?

Any surgery involving incisions will involve some degree of scarring, but these are easily concealed around the eye by hiding them in natural folds and creases.

What is the Recovery Like from Eyelid Surgery?

Most patients return to normal activities within 10 days of their upper or lower eyelid surgery. Applying cold packs, using artificial tears and over-the-counter painkillers (prescribed by Dr. Bohley), and limiting activity will help you the first few days immediately post-surgery.

You may experience extreme tearing, light sensitivity, double vision, and bruising and swelling (like a black eye) for the first three to four days. Any strenuous activity must be avoided for 14 days and bending over may be restricted for three to four weeks. Frequent napping may be required since your eyes may get tired easily. Dark sunglasses will help avoid irritation from the wind and sun.

What Are the Results From Blepharoplasty?

The results from eyelid surgery are long-lasting. Removal of skin and fat from the upper eyelid as well as fatty tissue from under the lower lid results in a permanent solution of the aging process around the eyes. This can improve eye function and boost self-confidence by creating a more alert and awake appearance.

Any reappearance of skin over the upper eyelid will need to be corrected by a brow lift rather than another eyelid surgery.

How to Prepare for Blepharoplasty Consultation

If you’ve taken the step of scheduling a consultation about eyelid surgery, you should be prepared with detailed concerns, goals, and questions for Dr. Bohley. It’s natural and normal to feel anxious before this visit, and Dr. Bohley will work to relieve any fears you may have about the procedure as you discuss the details and what blepharoplasty eyelid surgery can achieve for you.

Questions to ask during the consultation will vary depending on your awareness of upper eyelid surgery and what you’re hoping to achieve. A good list of questions to start with is:

  • Am I a good candidate for eyelid surgery?
  • What will I need to do to get the best results?
  • Where and how will you perform this procedure?
  • What surgical technique is recommended for my specific concerns?
  • How long do you expect I will need for recovery?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with eyelid surgery?
  • How can I expect my eyes to look over time?
  • What are my options if I am not satisfied with the outcome of the surgery?

Dr. Bohley recommends patients research before-and-after photos, perhaps even bringing a few samples that match their current condition and desired final result to show him the clearest idea of what they’re hoping to achieve with eyelid surgery.


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