Eyelid Surgery in Portland, OR

What is an eyelid surgery?

An eyelid surgery will help you eliminate the bags and puffiness from under your lower lids or the hooded skin from your upper eyelids making you appear healthier and younger. The best part is that any scars from the surgery are indiscernible since they remain hidden in the natural creases of the eyelid.

Am I a good candidate for an eyelid surgery?

If you are healthy without any medical condition that may impair your healing and are a non-smoker, you are a good candidate for an eyelid surgery. You must have specific and realistic goals and without any serious eye conditions. You must keep in mind that your eyelids are a part of the face and the appearance of drooping eyelids sometimes could be due to stretching of a muscle or relaxation of the eyebrow and the forehead’s skin; or at times, you may require an additional brow lift as well. You must consult Dr. Bohley in Portland, Oregon to determine the best procedure for enhancing the appearance of your eyelids.

What is the recovery?

Most patients return to normal activities within 10 days of their surgery. Cold application, artificial tears, over the counter painkillers (prescribed by Dr. Bohley) and limited activity will help you the first few days immediately post-surgery. You may experience extreme tearing, light sensitivity, double vision, swelling and bruising (like a black eye) for the first three to four days. If any stitches were used, this is the time for their removal. Any strenuous activity and swimming must be avoided for 14 days and bending over may be restricted for three to four weeks. Frequent napping may be required since your eyes may get tired. Dark sunglasses will help avoid irritation from wind and sun.

What will be my results from an eyelid surgery?

The results from an eyelid surgery are long lasting. Removal of skin and hooding from the upper lid as well as puffiness and bags from under the lower eyelids is only performed once. Any reappearance of skin over the upper eyelid will result in a brow lift and not another eyelid surgery. Continue your follow up evaluations with Dr. Bohley and enjoy your results. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any further questions.