Restore Your Glow with the Sciton Halo Laser

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Do you want to rejuvenate your skin and get back your youthful glow? The Halo laser from Sciton is an innovative treatment with a combination of technologies for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. What is Sciton Halo? Sciton Halo is a fractional laser that combines ablative and non-ablative laser energies into one treatment for maximum benefits.


Top 5 Benefits of Forever Young BBL™

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The Sciton® Forever Young BBL™ is a revolutionary laser system that targets skin imperfections at a molecular level. No matter your age, Forever Young BBL™ is used to improve signs of aging and skin damage for a younger, smoother, and radiant complexion. Some skin professionals even say that Forever Young BBL™ puts a halt to


5 Steps to Ensure Long Lasting Facelift Results

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So you’ve had a facelift at Dr. Bohley’s office in Portland, Oregon and love your results! What’s next? To make sure your results last, there are certain steps you should take. Below are five tips to help you keep your results looking new for years to come. Moisturize. It is important to take good care