Today, cosmetic breast surgery encompasses more than just augmentation; there is also breast lift, breast reduction, or a combination of augmentation and lift. No matter which form of breast surgery you choose to undergo, there are some things you should be aware of post-surgery. We put together a list of the top details patients should know about breast surgery.

You Cannot Completely Predict Your Bra Size Post-Surgery

Breast surgery is done based on your anatomy and science- not the numbers printed on bras. Because of this, you may be surprised when you receive the breasts of your dreams and they are not the bra size you expected them to be. Do not focus on bra size and instead focus on how your new breasts fit your body.

Breasts Can Change in Size

There are some factors that can change the size of your breasts after breast surgery, including weight gain, pregnancy, and aging. Menopause is known to cause the breasts to enlarge. While these factors rarely cause dramatic changes in the breasts, you may notice a small change in size over the years.

You May Need Future Surgery with Implants

Women who receive breast implants should be aware that they may need replacement surgery in the future. While breast replacement surgery is only done to replace ruptured breast implants or address complications such as rippling or capsular contracture, it is a possibility that patients should be aware of.

Breast Surgery Can Improve Self-Esteem

Living with breasts that are too small, too large, or uneven can cause women to become self-conscious of their breasts, and avoid certain social events, sports, and clothing. Breast surgery is a way to create symmetrical, proportionate breasts long-term, so you can feel comfortable in your body.

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