When most people think of breast surgery, breast augmentation often comes to mind. However, there are also the options of breast lift and breast reduction as well. Each of these procedures is created to address a different set of issues and work to create a more proportionate, youthful breast appearance.

With a selection of breast surgeries to choose from, it can be confusing trying to distinguish which one is right for you. If you are interested in a breast procedure but aren’t sure which one to choose, read on for a guide on who can benefit from each.

Breast Augmentation, Lift, or Reduction?

Augmentation- Individuals who can benefit from a breast augmentation feel that their breasts are too small for their bodies. Breast augmentation uses breast implants to increase the size of the breasts. However, it cannot help to raise drooping breasts; this is completed with a breast lift.

Lift- Women who are experiencing drooping breasts due to weight loss, pregnancy or aging can benefit from a breast lift. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions the nipple to create a perky, youthful breast appearance.

Reduction- Those living with too-large breasts can experience relief from a breast reduction. Large breasts can often cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as back pain, rashes, and bra strap indents in the shoulders. A breast reduction removes excess fat and tissue from the breasts to create breasts more proportionate to the body.

If you are interested in improving your breast profile with breast surgery, contact our office today! Dr. Bohley offers a full spectrum of breast procedures to meet the needs of many patients. We serve patients in the Portland area.

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