When the majority of women today think about breast surgery, it’s usually breast augmentation that they think of. However, it’s important to note that there are other breast surgery options available. Each one is a procedure that was created especially for addressing a distinct assortment of issues while creating a decidedly more youthful and proportionate breast appearance overall.

Portland Area Plastic Surgeon

With a varied breast surgery selection for you to choose from, trying to decide what’s actually right for you can cause a great deal of confusion. So, have you been thinking about undergoing breast surgery? If so, you need to know how many women have been seeking out one particular plastic surgeon in the Portland area.

His name is Dr. Michael Bohley and he’s well-known for his expertise in cosmetic surgery on breasts. He’s a highly-experienced breast implant specialist who possesses an eye for the artistic detail when it comes to breasts, so the end result is natural-looking and truly beautiful. So, what kind of breast surgery is right for you?

Breast Augmentation

Women who could benefit from this type of plastic surgery generally feel like their breasts are currently too petite for their body size. Breast augmentations utilize breast implants for increasing overall breast size and imparting a fuller shape. Breast augmentation enhances the contour, size, and overall appearance of the breasts.

Breast Lift

Breast augmentation does not help with elevating drooping breasts, which requires a breast lift. Many women experience drooping breasts caused by aging, pregnancy, or weight loss and could benefit from a breast lift. It’s a procedure designed for removing the excess skin while also repositioning the nipples for the express purpose of creating a perkier and much more youthful appearance of the breasts.

A breast lift (Mastopexy) is a surgery that also addresses decreased volume, droopy nipples, stretched areolas, and uneven breasts. A breast lift could help you with regaining your youthful breast contour and some women have breast skin that simply isn’t resilient or strong enough for supporting the full weight of their breasts. This causes sagging breasts (ptosis) where there’s too much skin and not enough breast tissue.

Breast Reduction

Women who live with breasts that are excessively large could get relief via a breast reduction. Larger breasts often produce some very uncomfortable symptoms, including painful bra strap indentations in your shoulders, back pain, neck pain, or rashes. The excess weight can even cause weakness or numbness. A breast reduction improves those conditions by removing the excess tissue, skin, and fat for the purpose of creating breasts that are more proportionate to a woman’s body. Following breast reduction, the majority of women have been reporting relief from those symptoms that had previously been caused by over-sized breasts.

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