Breast augmentation is a procedure that has been around for several decades. This surgical technique remains the single best way for women to shape and transform their breasts. Breast augmentation has evolved over the years and now more than ever, it’s worth pursuing if you want to boost your confidence. In short, more options are available to give women a more rounded, symmetrical look. And not only that: the breast augmentation procedure is easier and safer than it’s ever been. Here’s what to know about breast augmentation and how a board-certified plastic surgeon can help.

The Latest Implant Options

Silicone implants are the most requested option due to their natural feel and look. Saline implants are also a reliable and safe option for many women. However, a third option now exists called the “gummy bear” implant. These implants feature a teardrop shape that provides more natural fullness and contour, as well as an unparalleled natural feel. They also offer a more solid, form-stable silicone filling that won’t leak in the event of a rupture. Many women now opt for gummy bear implants where silicone implants were once the gold standard in breast augmentation.

How Have Surgical Techniques Improved?

Surgical techniques have come a long way and patients now have many more options. Plastic surgeons over the years have adopted the “less is more” approach to help women get through their procedures in record time and with fewer complications. Not only is there better incision placement, but there are also more ways to adjust implants to fit your lifestyle, anatomy, and personal preference. For example, women with lower body fat can achieve more natural-looking results with an under-the-muscle placement, and women concerned about scarring can avoid it altogether with an incision through the armpit. Breast augmentation is now easier and more versatile than ever before.

Is Recovery Easier?

While every woman is different, recovery from breast augmentation surgery is far different today than it was even 10-15 years ago. There used to be a time when the pain was a major concern and patients spent 1-2 weeks in dedicated recovery. Today, the newer methods mean far less risk of complications and complete recovery in 5-7 days. Of course, with this surgery like any other, there will be a few risks. But you can still enjoy light activities and even return to office-based work within a few days. And, the more that we learn about surgical recovery and cosmetic results, the more likely you can achieve stunningly natural results using the best recovery plans available.

Schedule a Consultation

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