CoolMini in Portland, OR

The CoolMini device can be used in combination with traditional CoolSculpting or on its own for isolated under-chin treatment. CoolMini utilizes the same non-invasive technique as CoolSculpting and can produce permanent results in just a few treatment sessions.

Good Candidates for CoolMini

Patients who have small volume areas of fat, such as a double chin or in the upper knee and armpit area, can often benefit from the CoolMini applicator. Healthy individuals who do not wish to undergo an invasive procedure to eliminate these small pockets of fat are also good candidates. A plastic surgery consultation with our aesthetician will help to identify whether CoolMini is a good match for you.

The CoolMini Procedure

The CoolMini procedure is similar to that of the Portland CoolSculpting procedure, only using a different applicator. The smaller CoolMini applicator will be placed on the treatment area, drawing the skin between two cooling panels. The process will then freeze away unwanted fat cells, permanently destroying them. Once fat cells have been damaged, they are naturally eliminated from the body over the course of a few weeks.

CoolMini provides minimal to no discomfort to the patient, so many choose to read or check their emails during the session. One treatment session usually lasts about one hour.

CoolMini FAQs

What is CoolMini?

CoolMini is a specially designed CoolSculpting device that is used to get rid of under-chin fat that contributes to the appearance of a double chin.

Is CoolMini permanent?

Yes, because the fat cells are destroyed during CoolMini treatment sessions, as long as you maintain your weight, the results should be permanent.

Does CoolMini hurt?

No, CoolMini is by and large a painless procedure, although patients may experience numbness, a pinching sensation, or aching in the chin during treatment.

What parts of my body can CoolMini treat?

CoolMini is designed specifically for use under the chin. Other parts of the body can be treated with normal CoolSculpting handpieces.

Who is a good candidate for coolmini?

Nearly anyone can be a good candidate for CoolMini, as the procedure is non-invasive, pain-free, and works regardless of skin type or condition.

What is different from CoolMini and Coolsculpting?

The difference between CoolMini and CoolSculpting is that CoolMini is a specific applicator used in a CoolSculpting treatment for use under the chin.

Who performs a CoolMini treatment?

Licensed administrators and plastic surgeons can perform your CoolMini treatment. Dr. Bohley will perform your treatment when you receive treatments at our location.

What are the side effects of coolmini?

You’ll likely notice mild redness and swelling immediately after treatment that fades over time. Bruising or a taught sensation are also relatively common side effects.

Can CoolMini help to trim chin fat?

Yes, CoolMini is often used to reduce excess fat around the chin without the need for invasive measures or needles.

How much does CoolMini cost?

The overall cost can vary depending on the number of total treatments you undergo, but patients can expect individual sessions to cost around $1,000. You can discuss payment plans and financial options in your consultation.


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Recovery After CoolMini

Because CoolMini treatments are non-invasive procedures, there is little to no downtime required. Some patients may experience mild redness, bruising, numbness, or pain following a CoolMini session, though these side effects are temporary.

Most patients need to undergo a series of two to four sessions spaced six weeks apart. Some patients begin to see results as quickly as three weeks after their procedure, with more dramatic results appearing one to three months after treatment. For more information regarding CoolMini or any other procedure, visit our blog.