Smoking Before Plastic Surgery Can Hinder Results

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It is widely known that patients who smoke cigarettes are at an increased risk of complications during plastic surgery recovery. However, do e-cigarettes users face the same risks? This topic is discussed in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Research Over the past couple of years, the


Mommy Makeover: A Customizable Procedure

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What if you could create a plastic surgery procedure designed to meet your individual needs to create your dream body? This procedure exists, and is known as a mommy makeover! A mommy makeover is a surgery comprised of many different procedures to create one optimal outcome. A Customizable Option Many mothers in the Portland area


3 Best Tummy-Toning Moves

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Generally, the best way to tone your tummy is to eat a healthy diet that’s free of processed foods and foods that are high in empty calories, sugar, salt and fat, and practice both cardio and strength-training exercises. Unfortunately, you cannot reduce fat in certain areas of the body — such as the abdomen —without


Minimizing Scars After Having a C-Section

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Congratulations on becoming a mother, whether it is for the first time or the fourth! Being a mother is one of life’s greatest milestones. However, if you have had a cesarean section (c-section) delivery, you might be frustrated with the remaining scar. Here, Dr. Michael Bohley discusses what you can do to help minimize scars