4 Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Surgery

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Today, cosmetic breast surgery encompasses more than just augmentation; there is also breast lift, breast reduction, or a combination of augmentation and lift. No matter which form of breast surgery you choose to undergo, there are some things you should be aware of post-surgery. We put together a list of the top details patients should


Freeze Away Stubborn Fat with CoolSculpting

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Let’s face it: no one likes going to the beach when they are self-conscious and uncomfortable with their body due to stubborn fat deposits. However, not everyone wants to undergo invasive surgery such as liposuction that requires downtime. Patients who wish to slim down quickly can benefit from CoolSculpting! Read on to learn more about


Non-Surgical Treatments for Summer

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Summer in Oregon is here, and patients are breaking out the shorts, tank tops, and bikinis. However, if you are unhappy with your appearance, it may cause self-consciousness and embarrassment wearing more revealing clothing. Read on to learn about the hottest non-surgical treatments to help you look and feel your absolute best this summer! CoolSculpting


Botox in the News: Stereotypes Debunked

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If you keep up on cosmetic surgery news, you may have come across NewBeauty’s recent article, “Happy Birthday, Botox! 8 Fascinating Facts About the Injectable That Changed the Beauty Industry.” The article celebrates Botox, an innovation in treatment for wrinkles and fine lines, and the 15-years since it’s FDA-approval. Within the eight fascinating facts, it


Introducing: The CoolMini Applicator!

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A slim jawline is a sign of youth and health- one that most people desire. If you are living with stubborn excess fat below your chin, but don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure to eliminate it, the CoolMini applicator may be a good choice for you. Dr. Bohley is proud to offer the CoolMini


Smoking Before Plastic Surgery Can Hinder Results

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It is widely known that patients who smoke cigarettes are at an increased risk of complications during plastic surgery recovery. However, do e-cigarettes users face the same risks? This topic is discussed in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Research Over the past couple of years, the