As body contouring procedures become increasingly popular, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports that tummy tucks are now among the five most popular procedures patients request nationwide. In many cases, the ASPS states, patients request tummy tuck procedures to achieve surgically what they have not been able to achieve just through dietary modification and exercise. As tummy tucks have grown in popularity, so have mini tummy tucks. There are important differences between the two procedures that make one or the other a better fit for some patients. If you’re considering your options with a tummy tuck, it’s important to find the right fit for your goals. Here’s what to consider as you plan your consultation with Dr. Bohley.

Recovery Time

There is no doubt that a full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a major surgical procedure. Typically, this procedure requires at least 10 days away from work and a very low activity level during this time. A partial abdominoplasty (mini tummy tuck), on the other hand, can only require one week or less off work. In many cases, you can return to a regular schedule more quickly.

Belly Button Considerations

For patients who aren’t in love with their natural belly button, a full tummy tuck will readily (and necessarily) relocate, re-contour and rebuild it. However, this more invasive process also carries a minimal risk of leaving a visible scar near the site of the newly-rebuilt belly button. Mini tummy tucks don’t require the belly button to be changed or moved in any way, which works just fine for patients who aren’t concerned about their belly button.

Body Contouring Results

In many cases, the choice of whether to do a full or a mini tummy tuck will boil down to the extent of body contouring required for your results. For patients who are not happy with the appearance and tone of the upper and lower abdominal areas, a full tummy tuck is the right procedure to correct, trim, and tone both areas. However, if just the lower abdominal area has loose skin, excess tissue, or other concerns, a mini tummy tuck can make these types of corrections and leave the upper abdomen undisturbed.

Length and Visibility of Incision

Another key difference between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck is the length and potential visibility of the incision. For a full tummy tuck procedure, it’s typical for a full incision to be required– this means the incision will run from hip to hip. For a mini tummy tuck procedure, this incision can be shortened by a few or even several inches.

The placement may be similar for each type of procedure depending on your goals. In some cases, the incision for a mini tummy tuck may be placed lower and this can be desirable for concealing the incision site as it heals.

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