There are some common concerns that most women have about breast augmentation surgery. They wonder how this procedure will affect the shape, size, and position of their nipples and areolae. Some women may want to keep their options open, whether they want to change the size of the breasts, or just the appearance of their nipples. They may also want to address a concern associated with their nipples prior to their breast augmentation surgery.

There are various breast enhancement surgeries that are performed for various reasons. Some women want to make a minor change, while others want to significantly enhance the look and appearance of their breasts. Women who are interested in breastfeeding following surgery should also bring up this concern to their plastic surgeon. Whichever the reason is for your visit, the following facts about breast and nipple enhancement can help you be more aware of what to expect.

Getting a Breast Lift Can Change the Shape of Your Areolae

The areolae are the small pigmented areas that surround the nipples. The appearance of the areolae varies among women, and some may be unhappy with their size or shape. The breast lift can help reshape and resize the areolae.

Breast augmentation won’t change the appearance of the areolae or nipple area, but an added breast lift can change their shape or size if you prefer. If you choose to breastfeed, you may want to wait until you completed this journey to scheduling this procedure.

Breast Augmentation Can Correct Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples, also known as retracted nipples, are usually caused by genetics and occur at birth. Other times, they can be caused by injury or trauma. Breast augmentation can help correct inverted nipples. This can be done through a tiny incision in which a board-certified plastic surgeon makes the nipple outward.

This minor procedure can be done on its own or during breast augmentation surgery. Speak with your plastic surgeon if your main goal is to breastfeed following surgery. This is something they will take into account when planning and outlining your procedure.

Most Women Can Breastfeed After Breast Implants

If you’re interested in breastfeeding following breast augmentation surgery, know that this is possible. Address this important concern during your consultation with your plastic surgeon. This prevents an incision being made to the peri-areolar area to reduce the risk of interfering with the duct function and nipple area. Your plastic surgeon will suggest an inflammatory incision placement instead, which will not affect your decision to breastfeed following the procedure.

Nipple Position May Change As Implants Settle

It’s likely that the position of your nipples will change as your breast implants settle. Your nipples may sit higher on your chest than you’re used to. This isn’t a cause for concern, as this side effect is common but temporary. It’ll take time for your breast implants to lower and soften in a natural position. This will then lead to the nipples lowering as well.

If you’re ready to change the look and appearance of your breasts, then it’s time to book a consultation. Dr. Michael F. Bohley is a board-certified plastic surgeon who walks his patients through the benefits and risks of surgery. He tells them exactly what to expect before, during, and after surgery so there aren’t any surprises, just results. Prior to booking your consultation, take a list of questions, so you can get started on the decision-making process.