As spring and summer quickly approach, you may have noticed that your skin is glowing a little bit brighter. Between the lack of moisture in the air, possible bitter winds, and a shortage of sunlight, winter really takes a toll on your skin; it is more likely to be dry, irritated, and even have acne flairs. The newly approaching spring weather and sunshine can do wonders for your complexion.

However, it takes a lot of care to get your skin back to where you would like it after the winter months, especially for your sensitive facial skin. Read on to learn which skin treatments and procedures can help you to look your best.

Why now?

Skin rejuvenation procedures are extremely popular this time of the year because weddings and makeup-less beach trips are nearing. So, if you want to show off your flawless skin in those wedding pictures and feel comfortable going “au naturel” to the beach, you may want to check out your options for skin rejuvenation.

What are the options?

Before you visit your nearest skin care professional, you may want to have a better understanding of what your skin needs. Here are a few treatments to consider that can be customized to give you glowing skin in a few short weeks.

Signs of aging

Unfortunately, as we age, we begin to see dark spots, fine lines or wrinkles, discoloration, crow’s feet, or upper lip lines. Sciton laser has various customizable treatments that use laser wavelengths to target damaged skin cells and improve your skins firmness, elasticity, and pigmentation.

Sun or Acne damage

Sunlight and acne can severely damage the top layer of skin. Facial laser resurfacing can give you healthier looking skin by removing the outermost layer and stimulating new collagen production with a targeted heating treatment. With new collagen production, your skin will continue to improve over time!

Unevenness or spotting

A quick treatment to the outermost layer of your skin can provide a smoother, more balanced texture and tone. For this, we suggest a chemical peel. This is a customized solution that removes the outer skin layer called the epidermis. Based on your needs, a lighter or heavier peel can be used to treat these minor imperfections.

If you want to rejuvenate your skin, we have all of the solutions listed and more right here in our Portland, Oregon location. Don’t wait- wedding season is right around the corner! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bohley to see which solution is right for you.  For more information, contact us today or visit our blog page.