So you’ve had a facelift at Dr. Bohley’s office in Portland, Oregon and love your results! What’s next? To make sure your results last, there are certain steps you should take. Below are five tips to help you keep your results looking new for years to come.

  1. Moisturize. It is important to take good care of your skin by using products that will cleanse and moisturize properly. You should use mild products such as fragrance free moisturizers and non-soap cleansers that won’t irritate your skin easily.
  2. Hydrate. To keep your skin healthy and give it a youthful glow, you need to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water improves skin elasticity and flushes out toxins, leaving you with radiant skin.
  3. Healthy Diet. Along with keeping your skin hydrated, including a healthy diet in your routine is essential. You need a vitamin filled diet that will feed your skin the right way. A diet that contains too much sugar will only aid in the development of glycation products that have shown to play a role in the aging process of the skin.
  4. Protect. Whether you use a protective hat or apply sunscreen, shielding your face away from ultraviolet rays will ensure long lasting results. Rays from the sun accelerate hyper pigmentation and age spots, which in turn makes you appear older.
  5. No Smoking. If you are a smoker, it is advised that you stop immediately. Smoking can hinder the healing process by obstructing blood vessels from carrying blood to the healing tissues. Smoking will also accelerate the aging process by developing wrinkles and destroying collagen that results in sagging skin.

By following these steps, there is no doubt that the results from your facelift should be flawless, as well as last for years to come. For any questions you have regarding the healing process and after-care, contact Dr. Bohley’s office located in the surrounding areas of Vancouver, Washington right away.