What can Plastic Surgery Improve?

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Plastic surgery can range from cosmetic procedures to enhance your appearance, or reconstructive surgeries to improve function. The plastic surgery procedure you choose to have will depend on your specific goals and areas of concern. Read on to learn more about what issues plastic surgery can improve. Excess Skin Excess skin can sag and be


Things You Should Consider Before Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery, which includes surgical and nonsurgical procedures, can improve your physical appearance and confidence, making daily life and healthy habits easier. However, plastic surgery may not be for everyone and it is important to be fully prepared. Here are a few important things to consider before plastic surgery and what to ask during your


4 Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Surgery

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Today, cosmetic breast surgery encompasses more than just augmentation; there is also breast lift, breast reduction, or a combination of augmentation and lift. No matter which form of breast surgery you choose to undergo, there are some things you should be aware of post-surgery. We put together a list of the top details patients should


Smoking Before Plastic Surgery Can Hinder Results

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It is widely known that patients who smoke cigarettes are at an increased risk of complications during plastic surgery recovery. However, do e-cigarettes users face the same risks? This topic is discussed in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Research Over the past couple of years, the


Mommy Makeover: A Customizable Procedure

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What if you could create a plastic surgery procedure designed to meet your individual needs to create your dream body? This procedure exists, and is known as a mommy makeover! A mommy makeover is a surgery comprised of many different procedures to create one optimal outcome. A Customizable Option Many mothers in the Portland area


The Procedures that Make Up a Mommy Makeover

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Mothers- you no longer have to be unhappy with your body following pregnancy! A mommy makeover is a procedure made up of multiple surgeries to restore your body to its pre-baby figure. A mommy makeover can consist of an array of customizable surgeries combined to meet each patient’s individual needs and goals. The most popular


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