Choosing a surgeon could mean choosing between a successful surgery, or a botched procedure you could have to live with for the rest of your life. There have been many reports of negative outcomes following plastic surgery procedures performed by physicians who have not become certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Here’s why you want to make sure the surgeon you choose is board certified.

What is the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (or ABPS) works to promote safe, ethical, and successful plastic surgery to the public. They ensure that applicants have gone through the proper education, examination, and certification process before being qualified as plastic surgeons.

How is a Certificate Obtained?

Plastic surgeons must complete an average of sixteen years of school past high school education. On top of this requirement, applicants must also pass a two-day oral exam where they demonstrate their knowledge and ethical standing and approach to plastic surgery. A certificate from the Board of Plastic Surgery is not easily obtained and proves a high level of education and training.

What Could Happen if My Surgeon is not Board Certified?

If you choose to go to a physician or uncertified surgeon, you could be jeopardizing your health and the results of your procedure. Going to a surgeon who has not had proper training increases the chances of a complication occurring during surgery. You could end up with insignificant results or improper procedures that require more procedures to fix. By ensuring that your surgeon is Board Certified, you can trust that your surgeon will get you the best results possible while remaining safe and ethical during the process.

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