Problems with vaginal integrity are something with which many women suffer in silence. The truth is that the pelvic area can become less effective as the body ages, leading to laxity, incontinence, and loss of sensation. These can have great impact on a woman’s quality of life and sexual satisfaction, and many women accept this as a fact of life. Geneveve™ is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can help women feel like they are in charge of their body again— here are some of the many benefits.

Vaginal Wall Restoration

Despite many women undergoing pregnancy and childbirth (even multiple times), the permanent effects on a woman’s body aren’t often talked about. This can include stretching and loosening of the vaginal walls and skin. Although this can be problematic for many women during intercourse, it can also mean difficulty in using tampons or similar products. Geneveve™ uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency to stimulate your body’s collagen production process, firming and repairing the lax skin and tissues.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Although surgical procedures can be effective at tightening the underlying muscles and restoring the supportive functions in the pelvic region, it can require extensive downtime and painful recovery. If you’re unwilling or unable to undergo a surgical procedure, Geneveve™ might be the non-surgical procedure for you. The procedure is quick, painless, and you can even return to your busy schedule immediately after. There may be some requirement to abstain from intercourse as your body naturally restores itself, but it’s a much smaller timeframe than surgical procedures, as your body doesn’t have to heal from incisions afterward.

One Procedure, Great Results

Many women notice results after just one treatment with Geneveve™. This can include improving other symptoms like incontinence, dryness, and loss of sensation— compared to other, similar vaginal rejuvenation treatments, Geneveve™ gives great results with one easy treatment that can be scheduled during your lunch hour. That’s one small commitment with life-changing results.

If you have more questions about Geneveve™ and would like to schedule a consultation with our certified aesthetic staff, contact our offices in Portland and Lake Oswego.