Sometimes, following a healthy diet and regular fitness plan is not enough to tighten and tone the tummy. Pregnancy, substantial fluctuations in weight or simply the natural aging process can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, leading to sagging abdominal skin. Also, pregnancy can damage the abdominal muscles, often causing them to separate. Once these developments occur, surgical intervention may be necessary to restore the look of a svelte stomach.

By undergoing surgical tummy tuck in Portland with Dr. Michael Bohley, you can regain a firmer, flatter stomach profile. However, it is important to be at or near a bodyweight that you feel you can maintain after surgery before undergoing abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery. Here is why.

What Tummy Tuck Entails

With tummy tuck, Dr. Bohley makes a horizontal incision across the lower abdomen, in the pubic region. Although the incision is significant, the Portland body contouring surgeon strategically places it in an area that can be concealed within the underwear or bikini line.

During the procedure, Dr. Bohley performs liposuction in the treatment area to eliminate any localized deposits of stubborn fat. He also removes any loose excess skin before repairing the underlying muscles and other supporting tissues. He restores abdominal muscle tone with the use of permanent internal sutures. Dr. Bohley re-drapes the remaining skin before closing the incision. Finally, he adjusts the position of the navel so it is line with the new, flatter abdominal contour.

Why You Should Be at a Maintainable Bodyweight

Abdominoplasty is not a tool for major weight loss. Instead, it is a helpful treatment option for individuals who have recently lost a substantial amount of weight and are now left with loose skin and stubborn fat deposits throughout their abdominal area.

Before undergoing your tummy tuck procedure, you should be at or near your ideal weight. In addition, you should be at a bodyweight that you feel you can maintain after surgery, as significant weight gain can counteract the aesthetic effects of the procedure. For this reason, Dr. Bohley recommends that women wait until they are finished having children to undergo the procedure.

If you feel that you meet these criteria and would like to learn more about tummy tuck, it is time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Bohley.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Bohley to find out if tummy tuck is an appropriate treatment option for you, please contact his Portland cosmetic surgery practice by calling (503) 253-3458 today.