If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you have already decided to have a plastic surgery procedure — perhaps a mommy makeover, liposuction or breast augmentation — and now you’re ready to pick a plastic surgeon. But how do you find one with the right mixture of skills, experience and reputation for creating stunning results? Portland plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Bohley has some guidelines to consider.

What are the Doctor’s Credentials?

The first thing to do when considering a plastic surgeon is to check their credentials. It could be the difference between a safe surgery with no complications and beautiful results, and a painful surgery with plastic-looking results. To ensure that you are getting the best treatment, look for a board certified plastic surgeon, and not a “cosmetic surgeon.” What’s the difference? A board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Bohley, has received certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has completed several years of residency training in both general surgery and plastic surgery. A cosmetic surgeon is a medical doctor who has received some training in cosmetic surgery. Clearly a board certified plastic surgeon is the better choice.

Are They Highly Regarded in Their Field?

A doctor’s reputation is everything, and a good reputation leaves clues in the form of acknowledgement by reputable organizations. Organizations like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) invite only plastic surgeons that have displayed safe surgical habits and a working knowledge of the latest advancements in the field to be members. Dr. Bohley, a proud ASPS member, meets these requirements.

Have You Seen The Results of Their Work?

Now that you’ve checked a surgeon’s credentials and memberships, you may want to see examples of his or her work. Most surgeons have a patient photo gallery filled with before and after photos that show their skills. This will give you a concrete idea of the type of results you can expect under their care.

Find Out More During a Consultation

Do you still have more questions? Maybe you want to know whether or not you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery or if the surgery will be painful. Perhaps you want to know what steps are involved, and what the recovery will be like for the procedure you are considering. A thoughtful, patient-focused plastic surgeon like Dr. Bohley will want to meet with you and answer all of your questions, and also thoroughly examine you to ensure that you have the safest and most positive experience. Schedule your consultation today when you call Dr. Bohley’s practice at (503) 253-3458.