Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, it is important to think ahead of time, and prepare for a stress-free operation and recovery. Read on for some tips on how to prepare for a breast augmentation.

Pre-Operative Breast Augmentation Testing

Before your breast augmentation procedure, you may be advised to receive a mammogram, especially if you are over 40. Undergoing this diagnostic testing prior to your surgery will not only allow you to have a mammogram on file for future testing, it will also ensure that your breasts are free of any suspicious lumps or bumps before surgery.

Choose an Experienced Surgeon

It is vital to research an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon for surgery, who will listen to and understand your individual goals. Breast augmentation can be a life-changing procedure, providing a significant boost in your self-confidence. You will want to be sure to choose a surgeon who is honest, while considering your wants and needs. This will help ensure that you are happy with your results.

Do Your Before & After Homework

Before choosing an experienced surgeon, you will want to make sure to do your homework on what kind of results each surgeon has to offer. Check out each surgeons’ before and after gallery or ask to see examples of results to see if the surgeon is a good pairing for you. Also, searching for reviews on a surgeon, as well as making sure they have up-to-standard facilities should be important factors when choosing a surgeon.

Prepare the House and Kids

Before your surgery you will want to clean your house. You will not want to be stuck recovering in a messy environment. Also, you cannot clean the house while recovering, so cleaning beforehand will take work off of your plate and give you some peace of mind. You will also want to be sure that, if necessary, children and pets have babysitters lined up. Helpful hands are always essential during this recovery period.

Prepare to Take Time Off

Because breast augmentation surgery requires one to two weeks of recovery time, patients will want to coordinate their work schedule with their surgery. No matter your occupation, be sure to make the necessary arrangements to take time off from work, since healing time is essential to a safe recovery.

These are just some of the many tips available to help you prepare for a breast augmentation. For more tips, visit the Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery YouTube channel at

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