Now that you have decided to pursue plastic surgery, how do you choose a plastic surgeon? The task can seem daunting, given the staggering number of choices available. Do not worry! Here are some tips from plastic surgery provider Dr. Michael Bohley to help you choose a qualified, trustworthy plastic surgeon.

Is the Plastic Surgeon Board Certified?

Make sure that you choose a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This is crucial. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon ensures that the medical professional has met ABPS’s rigorous criteria regarding surgical training, the operating facility and ethics.
For instance, a board-certified plastic surgeon has a minimum of five years of general surgery training, including a minimum of two years of specific plastic surgery training. Board-certified plastic surgeons only operate out of accredited surgical facilities. They also must adhere to a strenuous ethical code.

Does the Plastic Surgeon Have Hospital Privileges?

Hopefully the answer to that question is a yes. Having hospital privileges ensures that a hospital committee comprised of authorized medical professionals has reviewed the plastic surgeon’s education, training and surgical aptitude prior to granting him or her privileges at their hospital. Just make sure that the plastic surgeon you choose has hospital privileges for the specific cosmetic surgery procedure that you are pursuing. For instance, you do not want your breast augmentation plastic surgeon to have hospital privileges only for obstetrics or dermatology.

Does the Plastic Surgeon Have a Good Bedside Manner?

It may seem obvious to choose a plastic surgeon who is patient, makes you feel comfortable and answers all your questions directly. However, many cosmetic surgery patients get persuaded to move forward with a plastic surgeon that is impatient or condescending, simply because the surgeon is a fast talker.

Instead, you want a plastic surgeon who is not condescending and who does not rush through your consultation. Choose a plastic surgeon who provides thorough information about what to expect before, during and after your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Also, ask to see the plastic surgeon’s before-and-after pictures and patient testimonials. That way, you can get an idea of what the cosmetic surgeon’s surgical outcomes are like. You can also determine the surgeon’s patient-satisfaction rate. Be sure to pick someone who has many happy patients!

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