For women who have suffered from breast cancer, breast reconstruction can play an emotional role in restoring their body. Breast reconstruction is a procedure that rebuilds a breast after a mastectomy. Women who lose their breasts to cancer may need that emotional strength to proceed treatment and at our Portland, OR office, we believe that breast reconstruction plays an important role in increasing their emotional resilience.

Coping with a Mastectomy

Even though a woman knows a mastectomy is generally the right thing, she may have a difficult time making that choice. Most women don’t want to face the reality of losing such a prominent part of her physique. However, there are ways to cope with this difficult time.

  • Positive Attitude – Although this may be difficult, focusing on the positives is the first step in getting through this time. If you are wondering about breast reconstruction, it may be helpful to picture the perky, full breast that you may have always wanted. It also is helpful to eat well and find exercises that keep you at peace.
  • Talk with your partner – Women generally worry about their sexual relationships after a mastectomy. It can be helpful to talk with your partner and share your concerns and fears of this process. It will help you discover the characteristics your partner admires besides your breasts.
  • Consider breast reconstruction – Like many women you may consider breast reconstruction to improve your self-esteem. Plastic surgery has advanced providing more natural options than just breast implants. You may opt for using your own tissue from another area of your body to reconstruct a new, beautiful breast.

Things to Consider

Women find the best time to have breast reconstruction is during their mastectomy. During one operation, a women doesn’t have to go through the emotional loss of losing her breast. However, it’s important to remember, the sensation of the breasts won’t be the same. For example, there won’t be a feeling of the nipple after breast reconstruction.

Women deserve to feel whole during her fight against cancer, and although a mastectomy can change your feelings about yourself and your body, it is important to remember to stay positive and surround yourself with a strong support system. Breast reconstruction can provide strong emotional strength, so explore your options and ultimately love and care for yourself through this difficult time.