The new year has arrived, and with it many resolutions of being healthier and happier. However, it can be easy to slip back into old, unhealthy habits. Follow these five tips to help you stick to your 2017 resolution for a healthier and happier you.

Stay in Tune with Your Body

Be sure to listen to your body when eating. Eat slowly, and pay attention to your body- is it feeling full? It is important that you are not overeating just because the food tastes good. If you are beginning to feel uncomfortably full, your body is telling you something.

Eat Right

Try to eat only foods that are “real.” That is, foods that naturally occur in nature. Eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, seeds, whole grains, and high quality animal products is an important step in staying healthy. Not only does eating healthily aid in weight loss, it can also help to reduce diseases and improve your overall mood.

Make Smart Choices

When craving unhealthy foods, try to choose smart alternatives. Instead of reaching for a handful of potato chips, try a handful of salted almonds or rice crackers. For those with a sweet tooth, fruit is a great way to get some natural sugar. There is always a healthier alternative that will still hit the spot.

Plan Ahead

Healthy eating can be 10X harder when you don’t plan meals ahead of time. Even just making a mental note of what you are going to prepare each day can help to cut out the stress of cooking. Plus, knowing what you are going to eat ahead of time will deter you from making unhealthy eating decisions.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sleep is associated with hormonal balance and appetite, so be sure to get the right amount of sleep for your body in order to feel your best.

Following these five easy tips can help you to stick to your resolution, as well as look and feel amazing. Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery in Portland puts an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, and offers an array of procedures to help improve your natural beauty. Call 503-897-8999 for more information.