You may have been preparing for your upcoming breast augmentation in Portland, Oregon, but have you been anticipating the recovery period at home? Here are some simple things you can do to make your life a little easier while waiting to return to your daily routine as soon as possible.

  1. Clean Your Home, Make it Peaceful
    Efficient healing is generally ideal in low-stress environments. So catch up on that cleaning you’ve been putting off for weeks. Also, don’t forget to rearrange your cupboards, since it’s likely you won’t be raising your arms above your head.
  2. Make a Recovery Station
    Set up a helpful recovery station near your bedside, which will minimize your movement to random Good products to have include lip balm, tissues, water, baby wipes, and your TV remote, since you’ll be wanting to watch all of your favorite shows.
  3. Plump Your Pillows
    And you may need a lot of them! It’s generally recommended to sit upright at a 45-degree angle to reduce swelling and bruising after your surgery. Don’t just remember the pillows behind you, but on your sides as well. This way you are unable to accidently roll over and injure your new breasts.
  4. Reserve Childcare for Children and Pets
    Any strenuous activity will be off your list for at least a few days after your breast augmentation, which includes driving and make sure you’ve asked someone to drive your children around and walk your dog as needed. You may even need a helping hand around the house too.
  5. Food Preparation
    After your surgery, you probably won’t feel like cooking great. Stock up on easy to make foods, or cook your favorite dishes and freeze them for an easy, less strenuous meal preparation after your surgery.
  6. Find the Right Clothing
    When your breast augmentation is complete, you will be wrapped in bandages. You will also be required to wear a breathable, comfortable post-surgical bra to help minimize swelling and bruising, and maintain the new structure. However, you may want to be prepared with clothing that is easy to get on and off, since pulling a t-shirt over your head is out of the question. Comfortable lounging clothes with zippers or buttons are ideal for your recovery period.

Although there may be more things that you can add to this list, these tips will help you stay peaceful and serene throughout your post-op recovery. If you would like more tips to prepare for your healing process, ask Dr. Bohley during your consultation, and he will provide some helpful tips and necessary precautions to have a low-stress recovery period.

If you are interested in a breast augmentation near Vancouver, Washington, contact Dr. Bohley today.