Our eyes are often one of the first indicators of our age. They can also reveal our energy level with dark circles and unwanted bags. You wouldn’t want your eyes giving a false impression of who you are or how you feel, would you? The number of reasons for patients to consider eyelid surgery in Portland, Oregon is endless, but here are the top five.

  1. Sleepy Eyes. As years go by, your eyelids can make you look tired by drooping, regardless of your energy level. You’ve tried the cucumbers and “wake me up” concealers, so what’s next? Eyelid surgery at our office located in Portland, Oregon can tighten the unwanted sagging and make you look refreshed and awake.
  2. If you suffer from chronic allergies, you are no stranger to puffy eyes. Allergies can also bring dark circles that constantly make you look tired.
  3. Poor Vision. Droopy eyelids can affect more than just the way you feel or look. When your eyelids droop, they can cause your peripheral vision to decline. Simple daily tasks, such as reading, can become a struggle. Eyelid surgery can help you get your life back and restore your confidence.
  4. No Eyelid Crease. When your eyelids begin to droop, the excess tissue and fat in your eyelid can pull down and erase the crease. Women find that this not only makes them look older, but also inhibits the application of makeup. The excess skin can smudge and hide your makeup and eyelashes.
  5. New Beginning. Sometimes all you need is a fresh start. Maybe you’ve started a new job or met somebody new. It could also be that you just want your confidence back and to love the person in the mirror. Eyelid surgery in can do more for you than improve your appearance.

There are many reasons to consider eyelid surgery, but the results are still amazing. It’s time to restore your confidence and get your life back! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Bohley, today.