Contrary to belief, breast augmentation is not a quick fix surgery but requires consideration and careful research. If you are thinking of opting for a breast procedure, here are 4 of the top things you must keep in mind.

  1. Research on the right websites – you do not always get complete or/ and accurate information about cosmetic surgery online. There is a plethora of websites out there offering sketchy information and it is recommended that you begin with certified sites like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
  1. Looking for a surgeon – research for somebody who is board certified and has a good track record. Ensure that the ‘board’ certification is not from a non- existent or an online board. It is important to back check everything and try to meet some former patients as well. Discuss with your health provider in Portland, Oregon before making your decision.
  1. Know your implants – your surgeon will help you understand implants. You could choose saline implants which are inserted empty and then filled with saline water. Silicone implants are gel filled and mimic breast tissue the best. Then there is the option for fat transfer which would involve liposuction from another body part.
  1. Recovery time period – ensure that a friend or family member takes you home after your surgery and cares for you at least the first 48 hours. Learn and be prepared for your recovery process since the time varies from patient to patient. Do not get stressed with a deadline. There are always risks involved like a rupture, wrinkle, pain or change in sensitivity in the nipples. Discuss with your surgeon before you go under the knife.

If you are planning to opt for a boob job in Vancouver, Washington, it pays to be well informed before taking the plunge.