In the world of plastic surgery, patients have more options than ever for transforming their look and turning back the clock. Facelifts, however, continue to remain the ‘gold standard’ in facial rejuvenation, and for good reason! Dr. Bohley can work with you to create the ideal facelift procedure for you, and here are some of the top reasons patients opt for this tried and true facial procedure.

Results are “One and Done”

Facelifts allow you to achieve excellent anti-aging results in just one surgery. A modern facelift includes tightening, lifting, and resculpting of the delicate structures of the face. Through the process of fat transfer, fat can even be removed from areas of the body and used to create youthful volume in the face. Facelift results are longer-lasting than any other facial rejuvenation option, meaning you’ll get the most out of your investment. On the other hand, non-surgical treatments generally require multiple appointments to maintain anti-aging results. A facelift also treats more than just the superficial layers of the skin, carefully addressing the underlying facial substructures that will see longer-lasting improvement with surgical techniques.

With non-surgical treatments (such as dermal fillers or Botox), results typically last 6-12 months. These treatments generally require some level of maintenance to sustain your results. With a surgical facelift, there is generally no need for another surgery since results can generally last at least 10 years.

More Dramatic Results

A facelift addresses the deeper structures of the face, creating a dramatic improvement of the appearance of the cheeks, jawline, and neck. The jawline can be tightened and defined by removing excess skin and fat for a lifted, sculpted look. In this case, it’s difficult to achieve transformative results with non-surgical options since they can’t treat stretched or hanging skin effectively.

Greater Patient Satisfaction

Patients consistently report greater positivity following facelift surgery, which is the reason this procedure is still considered the gold standard despite competition from non-surgical treatments. Facelift patients often report that they achieved natural-looking results, feeling they look 7-10 years younger, especially when a facelift addresses concerns like moderate skin laxity and sagging.

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