If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery with Portland plastic surgery provider Dr. Michael Bohley, you should set up a consultation appointment with him so he can explain the breast augmentation process in detail and help you make any needed decisions regarding the procedure.

Before meeting with Dr. Bohley, however, you may want to do some preliminary research. To help you do this, here are some things you should know about breast augmentation surgery prior to your consultation.

Breast Implant Size

When pursuing breast augmentation surgery, you will make several decisions regarding the size, type, shape and placement of breast implants. Before your consultation, you should have a preliminary idea of the new breast size that you would like to achieve with breast augmentation surgery.

It is important to note that you should not define your desired breast size simply in reference to bra cup size. Bra cup size can vary among manufacturers. It is also helpful to bring photos to your consultation that reflect the breast size you would like. Make sure to bring photos of women who have a body type similar to yours.

Although you should have a general idea of the breast size you would like prior to your appointment, Dr. Bohley will have you try on different-sized breast prosthetics during consultation. He can also show you images that will give you an idea of what you will look like with breasts of a certain size. Dr. Bohley may advise bigger or smaller breast implants depending on your unique frame and surgical goals.

Saline vs. Silicone

You will also choose between saline and silicone breast implants. One advantage of saline implants is that they are filled with a sterile saltwater solution that your body can naturally absorb in case breast implants rupture. Another benefit of saline implants is that Dr. Bohley can insert them first and fill them with saline solution once they are in place. This allows him to make smaller incisions during breast augmentation surgery.

Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel. The main advantage of silicone breast implants is that they more closely resemble the look and feel of natural breasts than saline implants do. Another advantage is that those with silicone breast implants are less prone to visible rippling on the skin’s surface. However, one of the drawbacks is that patients with silicone breast implants may not know if the implants rupture, a condition called silent rupture. This occurs because the silicone material may stay intact even if there is a leak in the outer shell, and the body cannot naturally absorb silicone gel.

Shape and Texture of Breast Implants

Dr. Bohley will ask you to choose the shape and outer texture of your breast implants. Breast implants can be round or teardrop shaped. Round breast implants provide the most lift, fullness and cleavage. On the other hand, teardrop-shaped implants are more anatomically correct.

Breast implants can have a smooth or textured outer shell. Smooth breast implants move more freely within the breast implant pocket. In contrast, textured implants tend to attach to the overlying breast tissue, helping them stay higher on the chest and countering the pull of gravity. It has also been suggested that those with textured breast implants have a lower risk of capsular contracture, a condition in which scar tissue forms around the implants, causing them to feel hard or possibly rupture. However, there is no conclusive evidence that this is the case.

Placement of Breast Implants

Another choice you must make is whether Dr. Bohley should place breast implants in the subglandular or submuscular position. He may recommend a certain placement to fit your unique body type and aesthetic goals.

Subglandular placement refers to placing breast implants over the chest muscle and below the natural breast tissue. Implants placed over the chest muscle are often referred to as overs. This type of placement method allows for a quicker, easier recovery period because Dr. Bohley does not have to compromise any muscle tissue.

Submuscular placement refers to placing breast implants either partially or completely under the chest muscle. This is often referred to as unders placement. Unders placement often looks more natural and may help patients decrease their risk of certain complications. However, unders placement is also more invasive, typically leading to a longer recovery period.

This may seem like a lot of information. Fear not! Dr. Bohley will review everything with you during consultation. He can give you detailed information regarding what to expect before, during and following breast augmentation surgery. He can also answer any questions you may have, show you before-and-after photos of his past breast enhancement patients and give you detailed instructions about the next step in the breast augmentation process.

To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bohley to learn more about breast augmentation surgery, please contact Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery by calling (503) 253-3458 today.