Choosing your breast implant size is one of the most important, if not the most important, decisions you will make while pursuing breast augmentation surgery. Choosing breast implants that are too big for your frame can make you look disproportionately heavy on top. On the other hand, Portland plastic surgery provider Dr. Michael Bohley sees some patients who want to redo their initial breast enhancement procedure because they would like larger breast implants.

Whatever the reason for wanting to undergo revision surgery, it is usually more complicated than the initial surgery, and it can often be more costly. That’s why it is best to choose your breast implant size wisely the first time around. Here are some tips to help you choose the best breast implant size for your frame and aesthetic goals.

Be Honest. When you meet with Dr. Bohley, be honest and frank about your aesthetic goals for breast augmentation. Be clear about what breast size you envision. But, also be open-minded to any advice your experienced plastic surgeon may have.

Bring Photos. Bring photos that illustrate your desired breast size to your consultation. Don’t bring just one; bring several. And, make sure you bring photos of women who have the same body type as you do. If you are petite and angular, picking out a photo of a tall, curvy woman with big bones will not help you obtain realistic, proportionate results.

Don’t Rely on Bra Cup Size Alone. Although citing a bra cup size is a good preliminary indicator of what breast implant size you would like, you should use several reference points (e.g., measurements, photos). Cup size can vary among manufacturers, or even among the different bra styles that one manufacturer makes.

Do Try This at Home. When you consult with Dr. Bohley, he may have you try on different-sized breast implants. You can put these inside your bra to see what your profile may look like. You can also do this at home by filling plastic bags with oatmeal and placing those in your bra.

Be Realistic. Bigger is not always better. Breast augmentation patients need sufficient breast and skin tissue to support larger breast implants. Also, breast implants that are too big for a woman’s frame may make her appear matronly. Not to mention, the bigger the implants, the more susceptible they are to the effects of gravity over time.

Being realistic about what size breast implants your body will support is critical to obtaining beautiful, natural-looking results.

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