The majority of women who undergo breast augmentation are satisfied with their results. Though rare, there is also a minority of those who are not. Some women choose to go too big with their breast implants, resulting in an overdone or fake look. Implants that are too large may cause a range of issues, including sagging from heavy implants, breasts widening, stretch marks from overstretched skin and tissue, potential nerve damage, and asymmetrical breasts.

Breasts that are too large can also make exercising uncomfortable, and shopping for supportive bras and tops more difficult. Shoulder and neck pain may take place due to the new, excessive weight of the chest. These issues can interfere with everyday activities, having an adverse impact on patients’ lives.

If a patient has undergone breast augmentation near Vancouver, Washington, they should wait at least six to 12 months to ensure all swelling has reduced, and the breasts have settled into place. Then if the patient is still uncomfortable with the large size, it may be in their best interest to have their breast implants removed and replaced with smaller ones.

In Portland, OR, Dr. Bohley corrects any unnaturally large breasts succeeding a breast augmentation by returning to the original anatomy and size, and planning a procedure where the patient is comfortable and satisfied. With the help of an individualized consultation, your breast implant removal or revision procedure will achieve the breasts you have always desired.

If you are uncomfortable or unhappy with breast implants that are too large, contact Dr. Bohley for a correction today!