After considerable weight loss, most people have a lot of unwanted sagging skin. Men and women benefit majorly from body contouring procedures. Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

Q. Can I fix all my weight loss problems with a lower body lift?

A. A lower body lift is a combination of several procedures, such as an abdominoplasty with a thigh lift or a buttock augmentation. If you have lost more than a hundred pounds, you may have some more trouble zones and require additional procedures like a breast lift, arm or medial thigh lift and neck and face lifts.

Q. Do I have to spend the night at the hospital after my procedure?

A. Typically, the procedure takes about seven and a half hours to complete. With this being said, most centers around Portland, Oregon suggest body contouring as an outpatient procedure. The surgery is supplemented with tumescent anaesthesia, providing local anaesthesia with epinephrine, so blood loss is minimal. Dr. Bohley will ensure adequate pain management as well by combining narcotic analgesics with a local anaesthesia pump. Being at home allows for timely ambulation, as well as saving you from any risks of infections.

Q. What should I take care of post-surgery?

A. There will be a compression garment on your abdomen to support and reduce swelling. There will also be four drains that collect fluids on the flanks, abdomen and lateral thighs. Your incisions will be closed with absorbable sutures. It will be best to sleep in a reclined position and you can shower the next day after your surgery.

Q. When can normal activities and exercise be resumed?

A. Body contouring is a major surgery and frees you of excessive skin. Your body will be sore for at least 2 weeks and most patients are able to resume normal activities and even exercising within 6 weeks post-surgery.

Body sculpting procedures help patients in Vancouver, Washington to achieve a shapely appearance, which is not amorphous and flat. Dr. Bohley will perform a lower body lift first establishing a keystone area and then he will be able to make better aesthetic judgements about the thighs and breasts in relation to the new shapely torso.