Motherhood has a profound effect on a woman’s body and mind. Women wholeheartedly welcome some of these shifts, such as the delight of an expanding family or the constant awe of seeing your child’s unique character develop. However, some changes can leave women alienated and less confident in their physical appearance. These physical changes, including stretch marks, deflated breasts, and a drooping stomach, can make a new mother feel undesirable and negatively affect an otherwise wonderful moment in her life.

The mommy makeover procedure not only helps women feel better about their bodies after having children, but it may also change how they feel about becoming mothers. Is a mommy makeover something you’re considering? If so, here are the benefits of the surgery.

Several Procedures at Once

There are typically three procedures included in a mommy makeover surgery: tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. However, these procedures can be modified or more procedures can be added depending on each patient’s needs. Combining these procedures reduces the inconveniences of scheduling and recovery time.

Regain Your Pre-Pregnancy Body

Numerous physical changes occur during pregnancy, and many women discover that they cannot return to their pre-baby body shape no matter how much they try to lose weight and work out. Here’s where getting a mommy makeover might pay off for you. A mommy makeover may be the solution for you if you’re unhappy with how your body looks because of loose skin, extra weight, or stubborn areas of fat that you can’t seem to shift.

Tighten Sagging Skin

The fear of loose skin after pregnancy is a significant issue for many women. However, a tummy tuck can make you seem years younger by tightening the skin on your stomach and flanks to create a flatter, smoother contour. A tummy tuck also tightens the abdominal muscles to strengthen your core and repair damage that may have occurred during birth.

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Having a baby is a miraculous experience, but it may be hard on your body and self-esteem. There’s a lot of physical stress involved in carrying another human being around for nine months. A mommy makeover from Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery can do wonders for your self-esteem by helping you overcome the negative changes your body has undergone due to pregnancy. Your surgery will be tailored to suit your specific requirements so that you can look and feel younger!

Regain Your Natural Breast Size and Form

One of the unintended consequences of pregnancy is a loss in breast volume and fullness. A mommy makeover may also improve this aspect of your life. A breast lift can help you feel confident by repositioning your nipple and restoring your breasts to their original shape. In addition, you can also undergo breast augmentation if you desire more volume, particularly in the top area of the breast, where many women lose volume.

Find Fitting Clothes

Due to the body contouring involved in a mommy makeover, your clothes will begin to fit better. You may immediately notice a difference in how your skin feels, how your body appears, and how much younger you look and feel.

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