An abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a safe and effective procedure to eliminate stubborn excess skin and fat resistant to diet and exercise. However, it is common for plastic surgery patients to forget the long recovery period that requires plenty of rest. Here are a four things you can do to ensure the best healing results, and your ideal tummy tuck outcome.

Eat Healthy Before and After Surgery

It’s important to be aware of what you are putting in your body before and after surgery to maintain your ideal body weight. You should not try and lose a large amount of weight before your surgery. Instead, continue with your regular exercise and diet routine for a balanced weight. It is also important to provide your body with the nutrients necessary to heal. Dr. Bohley at his Portland, Oregon practice can offer suggestions on what to eat before and after surgery (and what to avoid!).

Avoid Complications and Infections

Every surgery carries some risk, even when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon. You can reduce your risks by preparing for surgery as Dr. Bohley suggests, and decrease your exposure to bacteria and germs. Additionally, resting your body and following the surgeon’s specific aftercare instructions can help prevent the risk of complications.

Prepare for Helping Hands

You should expect discomfort and limited mobility during your recovery period. It is generally recommended to have a helping hand assist you with things you should avoid doing. You may need assistance even getting up to go to the bathroom and sitting down for the first week or so. Also, your helpers may need to assist you with your children, pets or other responsibilities that require movement or activity.

Understand Your Expectations

Surgery is not simple or easy, especially for your body. Recovery will take time, and you should manage the necessary limitations to heal properly. You don’t want to set back your recovery date because of a little impatience. It’s also important to show up for follow-up appointments to ensure you are healing properly. Preparing for your recovery time is essential to make the final results easier to wait for.

Before you undergo your abdominoplasty near Vancouver, Washington, talk with Dr. Bohley about your concerns and how you can have an ideal tummy tuck experience. This procedure will not only provide a slimmer, tighter figure, but it can change your lifestyle and improve your self-image long after recovery.