For some, laser surgery may conjure scary images due to the lasers of the past that were much less user-friendly than the ones available today. Dr. Bohley is proud to offer the new Sciton® Joule Laser platform at his office. It has multiple applications, including BBL which is similar to the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. This laser is used to treat pigmentation concerns as well as improve skin firmness and elasticity.

Broadband Light, or BBL, treatments use a flash lamp instead of a laser to gently treat the skin and take care of prominent capillaries, or dyschromias, which are differences in pigmentation. It is a very rejuvenating treatment for the skin if it’s used on a regular basis, and can maintain the skin’s youthful appearance. It is a very safe treatment and requires essentially no downtime.

The difference with this machine, as opposed to the old CO2 lasers that have been used in the past, is that the old CO2 laser didn’t allow for control of the laser. When you were on, you were fully on, and when you were off, you were fully off; there wasn’t a lot of variance in terms of what you could do for the patient. With this new laser, it’s not an off-on switch. You have a lot of control, which is an added bonus since each patient has different aspects in their skin that need to be treated. This laser can also treat different skin pigmentations, as well as provide different degrees of treatment.

Overall, the Sciton® laser offers many benefits for patients, and Dr. Bohley is very excited to offer it to his patients. If you are interested in Sciton® laser treatments in Portland, OR, contact us today to schedule your consultation.