It seems as though female celebrities with children are able to get back into shape rather quickly after giving birth. You may wonder how they get their pre-baby bodies back so fast. Although some of them simply have amazing genes to start with, others have talented plastic surgeons to thank for their toned appearance. Here are just a few of the celebrities who are openly thankful for mommy makeover and other types of cosmetic surgery.

Patricia Heaton

You probably know Patricia Heaton from her role as Ray Romano’s wife on the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” The mother of four has divulged that, after giving birth to her sons, she underwent mommy makeover surgery that included breast reduction and tummy tuck surgery. Patricia is happy with her natural-looking results and thinks her body is well proportioned thanks to her procedures — and so do we!

Kate Gosselin

After having eight kids, it makes sense that Kate Gosselin sought cosmetic surgery help in getting her pre-baby body back. Ms. Gosselin even chronicled her tummy tuck process on her TLC reality show. She had no qualms about sharing what it actually takes to look as great as she does after giving birth to eight babies.

Dayna Devon

Dayna Devon, a former host on the television show “Extra,” has openly discussed undergoing tummy tuck surgery after having kids. About her decision to have abdominoplasty, she says, “When you get pregnant, so many different things happen to your body, and most of them you can’t really fix. You know, I had a flat stomach before I had kids and I had a lot of battle scars that can’t be fixed, but this is the one thing that can be, and I had the opportunity to do that. Plenty of women are having whatever they need done. Why not talk about it?”

Amen to that, sister!

Need Help Getting Your Pre-Baby Body Back?

Thanks to advancements in plastic surgery, it is easier than ever to improve your aesthetic concerns after having kids. As a mother, you take care of everyone around you. Why not take care of yourself for once and treat yourself to the cosmetic surgery procedure you desire?

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