There has been a tremendous amount of influence from today’s pop culture on how a woman should look after their baby is born; most of the time, this expectation from women is unrealistic and unachievable. With Instagram photos of Gisele Bündchen and Kim Kardashian posted each day, there is an unbelievable pressure on new mommies to lose that baby weight and showcase a sculpted body within a few weeks after their babies are born.

Dr. Diana Zuckerman, President of the National Research Center for Women & Families, terms this as the “trickledown effect.” Describing this trend, she says, “most beautiful women are getting surgery to look even more beautiful, then having their photographs computer-enhanced and the rest of us saying, ‘Why don’t I look that good?’”

Pregnancy certainly changes the body of a woman, but the problem is looking at it as a disaster waiting for surgical intervention. This only makes us think that the increasing trend of mommy makeovers is due to the media and immense social pressure on new mommies. Or, could it be simply help put their pre-pregnancy shape back and regain their self-confidence?

Whatever the reason might be for women to want to lose weight and tighten their bodies after pregnancy, it is apparent that there is a growing trend in women opting for these treatments in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Most women wait until they are done with their pregnancies and then opt for a mommy makeover to regain their pre-pregnancy shape.