Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery offers patients from Lake Oswego consistently beautiful results and optimum cosmetic care. You can choose from a range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures at our center. Dr. Michael F. Bohley makes sure each patient is fully educated about their chosen procedure before their procedure. Dr. Bohley himself will explain each procedure during your consultation while he listens to your issues and cosmetic goals. This allows us to customize the treatment plan to suit your specific needs to help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Bohley is a leader in the cosmetic procedures offered and he ensures stunning results whether you choose to undergo single procedures like tummy tuck and facelift or combination procedures like body lift and mommy makeover. With his expertise and surgical skills, you will always get a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Bohley is sought after for the comprehensive breast augmentation procedures offered at our center. Women seek these procedures due to the several changes they see in their breasts due to aging or certain life events like pregnancy, breastfeeding, or significant weight loss. Some of these undesirable changes to the breasts include drooping, deflation, or enlarged breasts. After your consultation, you will undergo a personalized treatment that gives you perky and youthful breasts that fit in harmony with your torso and lifestyle. Women from Lake Oswego can choose from these breast procedures:

Body Surgery Procedures

Even when you are at your ideal body weight, it is possible that you are left struggling with fatty areas that do not budge even with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Dr. Bohley has helped thousands of patients get a toned appearance and the body shape they’ve always desired. If you have areas that you hope to slim down, this can be achieved with the body contouring procedures offered at our center. We help you enjoy your slimmer appearance and regain your self-confidence. Here are the procedures our patients from Lake Oswego can choose from:

Facial Surgery Procedures

Aging and genetics lead to several changes to your face. Additionally, lifestyle choices like smoking and exposure to the sun hasten the aging process, which not only affects your appearance but also your self-image. Dr. Bohley and our team of experts offer you the best facial rejuvenation techniques so that you can restore your youthful appearance. We carefully choose the best procedures for you that may take off a decade to your appearance. Our patients from Lake Oswego are able to regain their self-confidence with the naturally refreshing results they achieve. Here are the facial procedures you can choose from:

Non-surgical Procedures

Not everybody who wishes to get a rejuvenated appearance wishes to undergo surgical treatment. In some cases, you may not qualify for a surgical procedure. We offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments that give you the desired results without the downtime and recovery associated with surgery. Dr. Bohley may recommend these treatments to help you retain the results from a surgical procedure as well. Here are the options available to our patients from Lake Oswego:

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Lake Oswego is a city located in the Clackamas County of Oregon. Small portions of the city extend into the neighboring counties of Washington and Multnomah. It is located 8 miles south of Portland and surrounds the 405-acre Oswego Lake. Founded in 1847, Lake Oswego was incorporated as a city in 1910. There are 573 acres of parks and open spaces in the city including the Millennium Plaza Park and George Rogers Park.