Why Choose Dr. Bohley?

Dr. Bohley is a renowned plastic surgery center in Oregon that has been offering consistently stunning results to its patients from Tigard. You can choose from different facial, breast, and body contouring procedures such as liposuction, facelift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and mommy makeover.

When you step into our center, you can be assured of undivided personalized attention as Dr. Bohley takes time to understand your issues and personally explains the benefits and recovery period of each chosen procedure. We understand that every patient has individual body concerns and unique cosmetic goals. Due to this thoughtful approach, our patients understand the procedure they have opted for right from day one to the recovery period allowing them to make confident decisions. This also ensures that our patients are 100% satisfied with the final outcome of their chosen procedure. Dr. Michael Bohley’s unparalleled experience and unique surgical skills mean that all his patients enjoy refined and natural-appearing results.

Do I Need A Facelift?

The first thing anybody notices about you is your face, and aging signs can make you self-conscious. This could happen not only due to aging but even exposure to the sun and other elements added to continued neglect. When undesirable changes make you appear older than your years, you can consider a rejuvenating procedure like a facelift. It subtly lifts your facial features and helps boost your confidence. Dr. Bohley and his team have the experience to help you with different aesthetic concerns to bring the required balance and harmony to your face.

Everybody experiences facial aging but when the changes begin to bother you, it is time to consider options to get a refreshed appearance. A facelift is a gold standard in rejuvenation, and it helps to refresh your skin and restore your youthfulness. You can achieve long-lasting dramatic results with your facelift procedure at Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery.

What can I expect from a facelift?

Everybody hopes for dramatic changes with a cosmetic procedure, but it is important that you keep realistic expectations from it. Even after a facelift, it is impossible that you will look 20 again. When you suffer from skin laxity, deep lines, and dynamic wrinkles, they can be reduced with the facelift procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for the Procedure?

If you are suffering from sagging in the jawline and midface area or have other issues such as lost volume and muscle tone, double chin, sagging skin, lines from your nose to the mouth or from the mouth to the chin, then a facelift will be beneficial for you. During your consultation, Dr. Bohley will recommend the procedure when you have the above aging signs and a facelift can give you the best results. He ensures that you benefit from a personalized treatment that is suited to your specific facial changes and aesthetic goals.

What scars can you get from a facelift?

During your procedure, Dr. Bohley will make incisions around the cheeks and chin to get access to the excessive skin and fat. He makes sure that all incisions are made within your hairline and behind the ears so that your scars are not visible. You must know though that even when most scars fade with time, some could remain forever.

Recovering From a Facelift Procedure

A facelift is an invasive facial rejuvenation procedure, and you must be prepared to take some time off work for complete recovery. During the first few days, Dr. Bohley may recommend that you wear a compression garment that keeps the swelling in check. You may also have drainage tubes to assist with proper healing. Keep your head in an elevated position for the first two weeks to help with the swelling as well. You must avoid any strenuous activities like athletic activities for a month after your procedure.

If your aging signs are not that severe, you can get a mini facelift procedure, which offers you a faster recovery with results that last for about 5 years. The results of your full facelift can last for more than 10 years and this depends on your choosing an experienced surgeon like Dr. Bohley. He is sought after for the unparalleled results he achieves.

About Tigard, OR

Tigard is a city in the Washington County of Oregon and in 2007, it was the 12th largest city in the state. The city was incorporated in 1961 and is located south of Beaverton and north of Tualatin. It forms part of the Portland metropolitan area. One famous local attraction is the John Tigard House which was constructed by the son of Wilson M. Tigard in 1880. It was saved from demolition in 1970 by the Tigard Area Historical and Preservation Association and was registered as a National Historic Place in 1979. Another attraction is the Tigard Festival of Balloons which is part of the Portland Rose Festival held at Cook Park.