Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery offers optimal patient care and consistently beautiful results, whether you choose a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Headed by Dr. Michael F. Bohley, our practice is known for its personalized attention to each patient, from consultation to recovery. Dr. Bohley personally explains each procedure to you so that you understand all the benefits and risks before undergoing treatment. We understand that an impending surgical procedure can cause anxiety for many people, and we encourage our patients in Troutdale to have realistic expectations and take their time before making a decision. Our team listens patiently to you in order to understand your concerns and customize a treatment plan that suits your cosmetic goals perfectly.

Dr. Bohley is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is a leader in cosmetic procedures like mommy makeover, tummy tuck, liposuction, body lift, and breast augmentation. His unparalleled skills and vast experience make him an expert at selecting the best combination of procedures to give you results that are beyond your expectations.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Bohley is sought-after for the comprehensive breast surgery procedures offered at our practice. He understands that women go through several changes in their breasts over time and that those that are too apparent can even affect their self-image and self-confidence. Once Dr. Bohley has understood your changes and evaluated your breasts, he will recommend the best procedures to give you beautiful contours and youthful breasts. Whether the changes in your breasts were due to aging, genetics, or childbirth and breastfeeding, we can help you achieve the most stunning, natural-looking results. When you achieve well-proportioned breasts that are perky and youthful, it can also boost your self-confidence. Here are the breast procedures women in Troutdale can choose from:

Body Surgery Procedures

You are not alone in your struggle with body issues like abdominal fat, back fat, and love handles. These are stubborn areas on the body that do not respond even to regular exercise and diet. If you are fit and healthy but cannot get rid of these areas on your body, Dr. Bohley can help you achieve the desired contours with the latest in body contouring procedures. Get a slimmer and more toned appearance when you choose from these body contouring procedures in Troutdale:

Facial Surgery Procedures

More and more people are experiencing early signs of facial aging, mostly due to sun exposure and neglect. Together with your appearance, these undesirable changes can also adversely affect your self-confidence, making you avoid social situations. Our team, led by Dr. Bohley, is dedicated to understanding these changes and helping you reverse them with the best in facial rejuvenation procedures. We customize treatment plans to suit your specific requirements and cosmetic goals to give you results that take years off your appearance. You can choose from these facial procedures when in Troutdale:

Non-Surgical Procedures

Not everybody who wishes to achieve cosmetic enhancement wants to undergo surgery. Dr. Bohley offers a range of non-surgical procedures that offer you beautiful results without being invasive. These non-surgical treatments are also great for retaining the results of your surgical procedure. You can benefit from shorter recovery periods and almost no downtime, even though the results can be as stunning as those obtained from a surgical procedure. Here are the choices you have when looking for a treatment to achieve your aesthetic goals:

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Troutdale is a city in the Multnomah County of Oregon, located immediately north of Gresham and east of Wood Village. The community was once known as Sandy, after the nearby Sandy River, but later, pioneer John Harlow named it after the trout pond in a dale near his house. One of the most famous locations is the McMenamins brewpub and hotel chain, and the Edgefield which features a hotel, several restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in its 38 acres. Other buildings on the National Register of Historic Places are the Fred Harlow House and the Troutdale Methodist Episcopal Church. The city also has a municipal park, the Sunrise Park, which features a half-mile-long looping trail and rentable garden beds.