Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery offers a range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to patients from Seattle. The center is headed by Dr. Michael F. Bohley, who is recognized for consistently beautiful results. Dr. Bohley and his team ensure that every patient takes their time to understand the chosen procedure before finally deciding to undergo the surgery. He will personally explain the benefits and risks of the procedure to you so that you are aware of what can and cannot be achieved with the chosen method. We utilize the consultation time to understand your specific concerns as well as consider your personal aesthetic goals before a customized plan is developed to help you.

Dr. Bohley has unsurpassed expertise in almost all cosmetic fields and you can choose from a mommy makeover, tummy tuck, augmentation, liposuction, body lift, or facelift to get stunning results. His vast experience and surgical expertise allow him to use one or more procedures to address all your issues and help you achieve your cosmetic goals.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Seattle patients seek the expertise and surgical skills of Dr. Bohley when they want comprehensive breast procedures. Women who consult Dr. Bohley wish to undo undesirable changes in the shape, size, volume, and contours of their breasts. These changes could be due to aging, genetics, massive weight loss, childbirth, or breastfeeding. Women who experience deflated and sagging breasts, loss of volume, very large breasts, and apparent asymmetry lose their self-image and self-confidence as well. Dr. Bohley understands how important it is for people to regain their youthful contours and perky breasts and he offers customizable breast enhancement procedures to do so. You will be pleased with the results that fit in well with your lifestyle and allow you to flaunt your wardrobe. If you are from Seattle, here are the breast procedures you can choose from:

Body Surgery Procedures

There are many people today who are struggling with stubborn areas on their bodies despite being healthy and near their ideal weight. You might be following a strict diet and exercise regimen, but it may not help with certain areas with fatty deposits like the abdomen, love handles, or fatty thighs. Dr. Bohley offers his skills to help his patients regain their self-confidence and restore their toned and slimmer contours. You can choose from several body contouring procedures that can be customized to suit your individual needs and goals. Here are the procedures our patients from Seattle can choose from:

Facial Surgery Procedures

Signs of aging can appear rather early in life with major sun exposure or certain lifestyle choices like smoking. When signs like wrinkles, lines, and pigmentation become too visible, they may also affect your self-confidence, with many people beginning to shun social interactions. At Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery, our team of experts will choose the most appropriate procedures to help you achieve the desired facial rejuvenation. With his skills and eye for detail, Dr. Bohley has helped his patients take a decade off their appearance. Patients from Seattle can restore a refreshed appearance and their confidence with these procedures:

Non-Surgical Procedures

Not everybody who is looking for rejuvenation wants to opt for a surgical procedure. This does not mean you cannot achieve your desired look. We offer several non-surgical options to our patients from Seattle to help them achieve their desired results with minimally invasive treatments that have almost no downtime. These procedures also help you to retain the stunning results you achieved from a surgical procedure you went. Here are the treatments you can choose from:

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