Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery offers unsurpassed patient care and consistently stunning results to its patients who are seeking cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Dr. Michael F. Bohley ensures every patient receives personalized attention from consultation to complete recovery. Dr. Bohley personally explains the benefits and risks of each method to his patients so that they are able to make an informed decision. We understand that choosing to get surgery is not always an easy choice, some of our patients consider it for months or even years before finally booking a consultation. That is why we encourage our patients in Hillsboro to consider all aspects before making a choice and have realistic expectations for the procedure. We will talk about your individual concerns as well as your cosmetic goals before developing a customized treatment plan.

Dr. Bohley is a double board-certified plastic surgeon, he is also a leader in many cosmetic procedures including mommy makeover, body lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, facelift, and breast augmentation. With his immense experience and unparalleled surgical skills, he will recommend the best procedure(s) to help you reach your desired look.

Breast Surgery Procedures

Dr. Bohley is well-known for the breast procedures he offers to his patients in Hillsboro and surrounding areas. Women see several changes to their breasts throughout their lives. This could be due to many reasons like genetics, aging, childbirth, pregnancy, or massive weight loss. Before choosing a procedure, Dr. Bohley gives you an extensive consultation to develop a unique and comprehensive treatment. If you are struggling with breasts that are sagging, have lost volume, or are overly large we will help customize an optimal surgical plan for you. Our patients are extremely satisfied with the youthful contours they have achieved through breast procedures at Dr. Bohley Cosmetic Surgery. Women in Hillsboro can choose from the following procedures:

Body surgery procedures

If you are struggling with stubborn fat in certain areas of your body, you are not alone. Many people are trying their best to shed fat from areas like the back, thighs, abdomen, and love handles but some deposits do not resolve even with diet and exercise. Dr. Bohley offers several body contouring procedures to help shape these areas and give you a toned appearance. Here are the procedures patients in Hillsboro can choose from:

Facial Surgery Procedures

With continued sun exposure, you may find that your facial skin has undergone several undesirable changes. From wrinkles to pigmentation, there are many changes that not only affect your appearance but also your self-confidence. Dr. Bohley and our expert team are dedicated to offering you facial rejuvenation that helps you look and feel your best. Our procedures are carefully chosen to suit your specific goals while taking years off of your appearance. Patients in Hillsboro can benefit from these procedures:

Non-Surgical Procedures

Not everybody who is looking for enhancement wishes to undergo cosmetic surgery. That is why we offer a range of non-surgical procedures that are minimally invasive, require almost no downtime, and have a shorter recovery period. The results are equally stunning. You can also opt for these in order to maintain the results of previous surgery or if you require only a small correction. From medical-grade peels to injectables, here are the options available to our patients in Hillsboro:

About Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro is the 5th largest city in the state of Oregon and it is the county seat of Washington County. The economy of the city depends on the tech industry, healthcare, retail sales as well as agriculture including grapes and wineries. There are more than 20 parks operated by the city and 10 sites in the city are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The city has a rich music culture as well which shows in the various theaters dotting the area including the Venetian Theater, the Oregon Chorale, the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra, and the Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center.