Rhinoplasty in Portland, OR

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasy is a procedure that can correct any nasal structural defect or disproportion, enlargement and positioning. For years now, patients from Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington have been benefitting from visiting Dr. Bohley’s office for this procedure, during which Dr. Bohley reshapes the nose by altering its size and/or shape, narrowing wide nostrils, smoothing a pronounced dorsal hump and/or adjusting a bulbous nose tip. Depending on the unique needs of each rhinoplasty patient, he performs either the open or closed rhinoplasty procedure.

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

You are a good candidate for rhinoplasty if your facial growth is complete. You may want to opt for a surgery if your nose is crooked, you have a birth defect or you are suffering from a nasal blockage, which makes breathing difficult. You should also be in good physical health, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations from your surgery. An ideal candidate will also be a non-smoker. If you have any questions about candidacy, please contact our office.

What is the recovery time from nose surgery?

The amount of time taken to recover from rhinoplasty varies among individuals. It may be a few weeks before you can wear glasses without support, a few months before you can expose your nose to sunlight and minor swelling may continue for up to a year.

You will be wearing a splint for support over your nose and nasal packing inside your nose. These will be removed within seven to 10 days and the swelling and bruising improves within 14 days. You can resume most routine activities and exercises within three weeks post-surgery. However, wait forDr.Bohley’s go ahead before going about strenuous exercising and lifting.

What will my results be?

It is important to have very clear cosmetic goals from your rhinoplasty since the results are permanent. By the age of 17, your nose is completely developed and only then should you consider this surgery. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and protect from the sun for extended results.